A Picturesque-Worthy Travel Guide to Basel

Before we went on our Viking Cruise, we decided to stay in Basel for two days to explore the city a little. As passionate photographers and travel extraordinaires we are always after exciting and exclusive adventures. The challenge this time was to find some picturesque and unique spots of the city within 2 days. You won’t believe what we discovered during our stay.


Here are our top recommendations and unique captures from our 48 hours stay.


1. Get lost in the old city of Basel – Exlore the old city of Basel “Altstadt Grossbasel” and the area around.  You will find cute little alleys and unique spots. The architecture and the colors are so pretty. We recommend to go early in the morning to take an advantage of the lighting conditions and to avoid the crowd.

(@meanwhileabroad  – Instagram )

(@meanwhileabroad  – Instagram )


2. Flower Power –  Buy a bunch of flowers from the flower shop “Fleurs de Rois” and find unique spots to capture the city & flowers.  Flowers look always great everywhere and at any time. It is also a great gift for your soultmate. Time to treat your partner.

(@meanwhileabroad  – Instagram )


3. Treat Yourself! –  Find the restaurant Consum Basel. Buy a platter of Cheese & your favorite wine. The atmosphere, the customer service and the variety of food & wine will blow your mind.

(@meanwhileabroad  – Instagram )


4. Magical morning hours – Wake up early in the morning before the sun rises and enjoy the view above the rhine river from one of the bridges. Just a few minutes before the sun actually rises, you will see rhine river in a way you have never seen it before. Alternatively, explore the old city of Basel. This is the perfect time, especially during the week to find the city totally empty and idyllic.

(@meanwhileabroad  – Instagram )


5. Sunset – Enjoy the sunset along the Rhine River somewhere. This picture was taken right next to the cathedral “Basler Münster”. In the background you can see the valleys of germany.

(@meanwhileabroad  – Instagram )


6. Get to know the city – Learn the history of Basel with a local expert

Basel Switzerland

Before we arrived in Basel, we had no idea how culture-rich and how much history behind this city is. A local tourist guide comes quite handy whilst exploring the city. Your guide will showcase the most exclusive parts of the city and  answer every single question you have. We loved our guide. She brought us to the most exclusive places in Basel. Tripadvisor is great. Locals are better! Give it a try!

7. Our favorite spot–  Check out Spalenberg and the old city area, early in the morning and during sunset is the best time to explore this area.

8. TIme to Socialize – We contacted local Instagrammers to socialize in the city. It is the best way fully experience life in Basel and also a great way to network with like-minded people.



1. Get a mobility Ticket – The Mobility Ticket enables guests to use public transport in the city of Basel and its surroundings free of charge (zones 10, 11, 13 and 15, including EuroAirport) for the duration of their stay (max. 30 days). If you are staying in the canton of Basel Land, you can also take advantage of a similar ticket, but this is valid for the regional public transport network. The tram system in Basel is perhaps one of the best we have experienced so far. You are going to love it!

You can get the  mobility ticket >>here<<

2. Use Uber – We got stuck once and we didn’t know if we are going to make it to our cruise ship on time. So we switched over to the Uber App and signed up with our facebook account and ordered a cab for a 15 min ride from. The sign up process took approxiamtely 30 seconds and the total time to get a cab for us was around 5 min. The total cost was 15 CHF, which is quite reasonable compared to the regular cab rates. Just give it a go!






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