10 reasons why camping with your dog is good for your soul

Camping with your dog

If you love the outdoors and love spending time with your dog why not combine the two? Your pup will thank you for taking him/her along with you! If you are considering on taking your dog on your next camping adventure here are some reasons why you should:
1.You won’t be lonely.
Allow your dog to lift your spirits and take you for an unforgettable camping experience.


2. Your dog will keep you fit.
Ever get bored in the woods?Not when your dog is by your side giving you the puppy eyed look to play fetch!


3. Have more fun.
Watch your dog truly enjoy being outdoors with you, maybe you will even catch him/her smiling if you are lucky!


4. Find new places to take your dog with you.
Not every camping location is dog friendly which will encourage you to try out new camping spots.

5. Get out of your home.
We spend enough time at work and at our homes, it’s time to get out and do something different.


6. Boosts your mood and relieves your stress.
Spending time with your dog has been proven that your body releases endorphins (oxytocin) that have a calming effect.

7. Provides comfort.
The night will be less cold with your dog cuddling against your side.

8. 24 hour Protection.
In any situation, your best friend will be by your side to keep you safe from wild animals and even from other people. Dogs are wonderful at keeping us safe when we need it most.

9. Reminds you about the important things in life.
Spending time outdoors and being totally immersed in nature with your dog is a great feeling. It’s the little things in life that make us truly happy.

10. You are forced to plan ahead.
Planning for your camping experience is important and taking your dog along with you requires you to organize and plan ahead to make sure you have everything that you need for yourself and for your furry friend!

Gear: Robens tent

Robens tents’ Green Castle is our go to tent for camping with our dog Merci the husky. The flooring is not attached on the bottom and makes for a great environment for her to be in if she does not want to be in our section of the tent.

The flooring can be easily washed from her dirty feet which is a difficult feature to find when looking for a tent. We love that the Green Castle tent can be manipulated into different sections to separate our gear from our sleeping area. The setup is easy just slide the 4 rods into the tent and hammer the stakes into the ground! This tent is 100% Merci the husky approved!

Gear: Robens tent

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